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Candidate 1

Experience: > 30 years
Last position: CEO

With a successful PhD in chemistry and an entrepreneurial background, he applies analytical insight and innovation in different businesses and industries. Known for future-proofing operations, business transformations, and fostering alignment, he challenges the status quo with data-driven decisions. An inspiring, supportive leader focused on win-win solutions, he’s your go-to for business transformation, business development and integrations, in a general management position.

Candidate 2

Experience: 9 years
Last position: Portfolio Manager

Our candidate is a young potential who has built up a solid experience at an oil major.
His technical/commercial background allows him to approach problems from different angles. He wants to broaden his horizons and play an active role in accelerating the energy transition or a circular economy by joining a company that fosters sustainability and entrepreneurship. Ideally, his next position is a commercial/BD inspired role responsible for the development of strategic projects.

Candidate 3

Experience: > 16 years
Last position: Commercial Director

With a resolute focus on decarbonization and a deep commitment to environmental preservation, this candidate brings a wealth of expertise to the maritime and energy sectors. A seasoned professional with a stellar track record, his visionary leadership, financial acumen and commercial background, and the ability to connect the dots make him an ideal candidate for management roles that emphasize a greener, more sustainable future. He’s an invaluable asset for your company for BD, M&A or general management roles impacting the world of tomorrow.

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