Focusing today on the world of tomorrow

Who we are

A-Maze is the innovative executive search and recruitment firm for all port related industries, with a strong focus on the world of tomorrow and the associated opportunities in the field of energy transition, climate change and circular economy.

Our Philosophy


“Success is not the key for happiness, but happiness is the key for success.”
Happy people stay loyal, are healthier, and as a consequence are more productive. We really believe that happiness is an essential cornerstone for companies to excel. Finding the perfect match – where both parties feel truly happy – is therefore key!


Only when the skills, experience and knowledge of different organizations and people are combined, great things can be accomplished. In order to overcome the challenges of such a collaboration, we must trust each other and understand that the sum of the whole is bigger than the sum of each part. We embrace collaboration and are open to make your vision a reality.


“The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.”
Innovation – which cuts across all industries and aspects of a company – is the only way to move forward. This is why we continuously challenge the status quo and do things differently in the search for your most important assets, your people.


Sustainable search and focus

Combatting climate change, accelerating the energy transition and evolving towards a circular economy, is only possible when the right people team up. We make the difference, not only by connecting people with organizations, but also by actively promoting sustainable businesses and embedding sustainability in our recruitment formulas. By helping you to attract the right talent, we help our planet and its people.

Our Industry experience and network

We combine 35 years of industry experience. We know the ins and outs of the port, speak your language and proactively think along with you. We help you to stay ahead of the game. Therefore, we are in close contact with universities, connect with industry associations and liaise with important public stakeholders such as the port authorities. Together with our existing network of industry professionals, we will assist you in tackling the complex challenges you are facing or will have to face in the near future.

Compatibility & industry match

Recruiting is so much more than just matching CVs to a vacancy. It is all about finding the best fit between individuals and companies. Port-related industries are characterized by a unique DNA of safety, drive and entrepreneurship and hence require a very specific mentality. Compatibility between companies and employees is key!

Win-win partnerships

Our first step will always be to get to know both our customers and candidates, because we strongly believe recruitment is more than just a one-off encounter. For each assignment we aim to find a win-win situation, which creates value for everyone involved and forms a sound foundation for a long-term relationship. Creative and flexible thinking will pave the way to reach that objective.

Our Services


Ready to grow and looking to strengthen your team? We will find your next colleague!


You need a dedicated project team or an extra team member? Are you in a transition phase and could use some help getting from A to B? We will find the one to bridge the gap.


Looking for a leader with a vision? We have an extensive network of seasoned professionals willing to take up the next challenge.


Ready to leverage the unique strengths of an individual or your team? In close cooperation we will work out innovative, tailor-made solutions.